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Version Vanilla Classic The Burning Crusade 2.4.3
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Last Update04 Aug 2016
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No aoe faceroll content, Check your CC before you wreck yourself
Tuned raids/Dungeons for that bitter sweet progression
Offspec Tier Sets, Balanced dungeons/raids for patch 2.4.3
Burning Crusade Talents + Spells/abilities
PVE Server with Arena + Battlegrounds
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AQ Ruins, AQ Temple Naxx and Karazhan are now released

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Horde  10/10 UBRS(15m) + 10/10 MC(10m) + 5/10 ZG(25m) + 0/10 AQ Ruins(10m)

Alliance 10/10 UBRS(15m) + 10/10 MC(10m) + 0/10 ZG(25m) + 3/10 AQ Ruins(10m)


Change Logs
16 Dec 2014
Molten Core Converting MC into a 10 man raid Everything will be balanced for a group of 10 down from 40, the reason for this change is to make it harder and better than before, we don't want it to be "molten bore" as its formerly known, trash will take slightly less time to kill, damage will be tailored around 10 players, spells and abilities will be corrected/tuned for 10 players. overall this should give a much nicer raiding experience, less lag and more loot for everyone, tier drops will also be changed to tokens, these can be exchanged for your tier items, t1 will have sets for each class and each spec. Update: Molten core has now been tuned and capped at 10 players. some bosses will require some more fine tuning. i'll be fixing a few issues with majordomo and ragnarous spawning event as currently like some other servers its a bit hit and miss, easy to fix as well, i'll be implimenting balancing and changes for all 20-50 trash and some bosses in the coming weeks. If your tier items are showing up incorrectly "?" delete your cache folder and restart your client. Stratholme Upon entering i noticed that all the trash was in the wrong position, wrong groups, all spread out too far and no patrols. started on live side about one week ago (07/12/14) this has taken longer than the others due to so much being completely broken. Mail packages spawn in the right locations, trash mobs are 1:1 of what they were in retail 1.11 patch, all of the scarlet crusade have their correct weapons and abilities, the rat trap now works correctly, after that the ghost type boss now spawns, all trash is linked correctly to avoid only pulling half of a trash pack, all doors in the scarlet area now require keys as it was before, Cannon master Willey now correctly spawns adds, correctly attacks, doesn't go under the ground and does all of his abilities correctly, the cannons now work also including upon entering the area. Scholomance Where to start, well first off, fixed the lever at the entrance door as it wasn't linked to the door, fixed the door size and position as well, you might be able to do the alt+f4 trick to get through it still but thats a part of the game. Upon first entering Scholomance I checked my combat log to find so much spam it was clearly like a memory leak, so what to do about it? change the aura's that were going off constantly to only go on either on range for them to do damage or on aggro, this fixed all of the spam that was happening. Then it was on to the mobs, I believe it's safe to say that about 90% of the trash in this instance is either buggy, missing abilities, have massive memory leaks, missing summons, missing events just overall had to change something on every unit to make them function correctly. The event using [Alexi's Gambit] now works correctly and all students are transformed into Skeletons on use. Trash is also linked to bosses. Scholomance Dark Summoners no longer memory leak like crazy, they summon their minions all the same, the minions despawn on evade/on a wipe, they also despawn after 30 seconds like they should, previously they would not despawn and respawn out of combat Spectral Tutor's now summon their 5 adds and go invisible/heal back to full like they should The others in that room now only cast their aoe attacks when in range Jandice Barov now goes invisible after summoning her 15 illusions so you will have to use your macro again Reanimated corpse's actually reanimate after playing dead (you can actually still kill them unlike on retail whilst they are playing dead) although there is a 50% chance if you will kill them or not as they might just keep coming back! Diseased Ghouls now activate their aura on aggro instead of all the time as they were spamming the combat log. Risen aberrations are now immune to magic The room just before the viewing room's trash has been corrected it was insanely wrong before Unstable corpses now explode on death and are again un-tankable their movement speed has also been reduced to what it should be Knock-backs instance wide have been given aggro reductions for tanks and the amount varies depending on the mob/boss Splintered skeleton's now have their thrash ability and random aggro wipes Last boss does all of his abilities including teleporting players, spawning adds opening/closing doors etc. Scholomance ocultists now interrupt properly instead of silencing the tank There has been many many other changes but overall its back to the way I remember it! Maraudon has been completed, all trash now have their correct abilities, bosses are linked correctly, Noxxion now does nature damage, there's a few quests that still need to be fixed, but I'll be focusing on fixing quests once dungeons/raids are complete, starting with the most important ones. The Temple of Atal'Hakkar Sunken Temple, geeze where do I start, brought every boss/mini boss back to pre nerf, linked mobs for each boss as required, corrected abilities and spells for all trash mobs, corrected movement of the little slugs, the only boss that was completely broken from the get go was Shade/Avatar of Hakkar, by default the flames would not go out, the suppressors would just stand there and channel until the end of time, there was no reset so it could leak until the server crashed as they spawn out of combat, you could reset it by dying once the summoning was complete, but if you died during the event that was it, server crash was imminent, also this was nerfed so that if you did wipe you could try again and again. Avatar of Hakkar has been brought back to its original form, flames will go out when using hakkari blood, the encounter will be classed as a failure if you don't stop the suppressors within 10 seconds of them spawning, clearing the encounter and holding shade of hakkar banished until an instance reset, you can no longer repeat the event like it used to be and if everyone dies during the event or you don't complete it within 10 minutes it will be classified as failed (assuming you wiped) other than that all other bosses have the correct abilities now and I'm pretty happy with how ST turned out. Zul'Farrak Every single mob has been given the correct movement speed(they were all stupidly fast as mangos default), last boss is now attackable when spawned, second last boss is now linked correctly with trash, trash there is also linked correctly, first shaman type boss now has all of his abilities he was missing heaps he will now spawn his basilisks regardless of any of the retail exploits, his totems all now work(broken by default), his overall better than he was on retail as he was quite buggy there, second boss now summons zombies correctly(timings might need to be adjusted when difficulty tested), the full ZF Stair event works although a few mobs go for a bit of a fly(pathing issue), oh and the scarab guy now calls his friends when engaged, so clear the room first of scarabs before engaging him. Ulduman Ulduman has had a bit of a clean up, surprisingly majority of the trash had their correct abilities to begin with, there was still quite a few that were missing though, also was issues with some mobs not going back into stealth if you wiped, a few bosses weren't doing the correct spells and they have been corrected, there was a few trash mobs that were meant to be immune to sap, all bosses were meant to be immune to lots of things but weren't, everything in ulduman should be back up to scratch! it's now ready for some explorers! Scarlet Monastery The Graveyard, Library, Armory and Cathedral are now open to visitors, all trash has been given their correct abilities, and correct targets, Scarlet Monk's now interrupt you unlike other servers, and they do it better than in retail! all that hard work serving the Scarlet Crusade has paid off, Arcanist Doan has been overhauled as stock mangos state was just beyond broken, same with scriptdev so now he does a few more things than he used to, inspired heavily by Shade of Aran in Karazhan he has learnt mass polymorph! he also got tired of chasing people around and now stays in the middle of his room, I'll leave it up to you guys to see what to do it should be similar to how it was in retail only silence is cast every 2 seconds. meaning all spell casters need to be at max range and a tank needs to hold aggro or he will start casting arcane shot every second to a ranged player. should make the encounter a hell of a lot more fun and challenging! Razorfen Downs Tuten'Kash and his event (in the pre nerfed state, one gong for timed waves instead of 3 gongs) has now been implemented, fixed a few patrols here and there, escort quest works flawlessly as well. Tuten'Kash also has the abilities he was missing from the stock mangos state, many other minor changes. Razorfen Kraul removed the nerf's on all the trash and bosses, linked skeletons made them dance and emote, fixed totems, fixed more totems, corrected summoned units, many other minor changes. Black Fathom Deeps has been reverted to the pre-nerfed state, Ghamoo-Ra now gets help from the other turtles, Old Serra'kis regained his abilities, Twilight Lord Kelris now does his emotes, sleep and other abilities, Aku'mai now does his poison cloud and on death an adventurous dwarf allows party members to teleport to Darnassus. Wailing caverns has been given a facelift as it was quite boring as stock, all mobs now have unique abilities, some bosses were missing abilities and some just didn't work, Lord Pythas now spawns snakes throughout the fight, second last boss now has a knock back, escort now works, Kresh now has many abilities, overall these changes should make WC a lot more challenging and a hell of a lot more enjoyable. There was an issue with the final boss/escort, previously and on other servers either the escort did not work the boss didn't spawn or things were stuck in the water etc, the escort now works 99% the 1% is unfortunately going to be there as The Disciple of Naralex can be attacked via AOE spells/abilities due to and unknown reason, you cant melee him or tab target him anymore like it used to be it just means you cant use aoe near him, if you do he will hit you in the face until either you die or he dies, if he dies he has a 2 minute respawn time unlike in retail, this means if you accidentally attack him you can attempt the escort again. the event spawns everything required in the last boss room, along with the boss himself, once the boss has been killed both of them say their goodbyes and flee the instance in owl form (half wanted to keep hovercow but thought its best to keep him as an owl) once they flee the instance they are not attacked by other mobs and he will no longer respawn, this prevents people from doing the last boss over and over again. Bosses are immune to all forms of crowd control like they should be. Shadowfang Keep has been given a facelift, most bosses have new abilities and some old ones that they were missing, Patrols have been added, bosses all have their correct abilities and some have more (as i really despise bosses having only one or no abilities at all) Stockades added patrols corrected bosses abilities, given the only boss that guarantees loot abilities that he never had suitable for him as a dwarf, melee damage will be increased slightly when i roll out the balancing changes that I've gathered over recent tests.
30 Apr 2015
Fixed Bug List For dungeons/raids look at their threads in News: http://243vanilla.tk/forum/viewforum.php?f=2 Many quests and mobs/objects have been fixed on the spot in game and have not been recorded here. Quests: Trial of the Sea Lion (Horde), Moved chest to 30,29(directly west from shipwreck), added the fissure that allows breathing underwater. A Dip in the Moonwell (Horde), clicking the moonwell will now create your quest item. A Plague upon Thee (both), now completable. Verog the Dervish, scripted, he will now spawn and attack you when you kill the centaurs near his outpost. Revenge of Gann, Corrected respawn time on flying machine. Hungry!, mirefin heads drop rate increased. The Star, the hand and the heart, - enchanted sea kelp drop rate corrected. The Theramore Docks, corrected respawn time on captain's footlocker. More Than Coincidence, blackhoof armaments respawn time reduced slightly. Speaking with Nezzliok, Corrected spawn time. The Bloodsail Buccaneers, corrected spawn time. Cuergo's Gold, fully scripted and working. Broken Alliances, corrected respawn time from 2 hours to 2 seconds on pillars. Replenishing the healing crystals, corrected for draenei. Garments of the light(Priest only), corrected flags to allow for quest to be completed, same for all similar quests for priests. Hypercapacitor Gizmo, Scripted event to spawn the enraged panther once opening the cage. Homeward Bound, corrected Pao'ka Swiftmountain flags so they now assist on the escort. warsong scout update, corrected quest text. Corrosion Prevention, you now get quest credit. The Grimtotem Weapon, now gives you quest credit. Curing the Sick, Cured Gazelle changed to be friendly. Investigate the Alchemist Shop(mage),event scripted, rift spawns now work. Investigate the Blue Recluse(mage), event scripted, rift spawns now work. Kyle's Gone Missing!, event scripted, meat now drops. Defiling Uthers Tomb, you defile the tomb, guy spawns quest now completes. Recover the Cargo, floating burning wreckage respawn times corrected, Mirefin Ambusher's now drop salvaged strongboxes. Dwarven Digging, Prospector's Picks now stack and will drop if already picked up, changed to normal drop + condition to allow them to drop only whilst on the quest. Investigate the alchemist shop (Undercity Mage only) Fissure is now correctly spawned down stairs. Dragonmaw shinbones (Warrior Only) Corrected drop rates. Coyote Thieves, Corrected drop rates. Twilight of the dawn runner, Ithania now has the correct unitflags(4864) and faction 1604 and gossip, will now complete quest and run away when spoken to. Poison bottle(Hinterlands) - All bottles now offer the quest. Horde lvl 50 Warrior Quest - Sorek now offers the quest to see the fallen hero. Ursius of the Shardtooth - Ursius now patrols regardless of if you are near his spawn location. The Smoldering Ruins of Thaurissan - Thaurissan Relic's are now lootable. Objects: Cat Figurine lootable item in northern Darkshore, now has a chance to spawn the the Ghost Saber(2hr respawn time). Battered footlocker - Respawn rate reduced from 2 hours to 5 minutes. Strath boxes - Now all drop holy water. World: Respawn location for horde when death in Darkshore, now goes to spirit healer at south edge of darkshore. Zoram Strand, Naga population increased. Demon Fall ridge, Ashenvalle, increased population of Lashers. Mirkfallon Lake, Sign pointing to Charred Vale corrected model, size and location. Stormwind signs, corrected orientation/location removed duplicates. Westfall signs, corrected orientation. Stormwind City, corrected PoI for the cooking trainer. Professions: Increased spawn locations of Copper, Tin, Iron, Truesilver veins. Mobs: All ranged mobs AI updated, no longer stand still doing nothing, will now properly LoS pull. All mobs now have corrected pathing/Los checking. Timber wolf and Young Timber wolf no longer attack you until you deal damage to them. Shadowpine Catlord, now correctly linked with lynx's they also have their correct weapon model. Nerubis Centurion, removed double spawns in Ghostlands, Deatholme. Nerubis Centurion, Corrected spell from spellid 21787 to 3583. Son of Cenarius, Linked with treants, they will now /follow and assist. Syndicate footpads, Now have dual weapons. Ogre Mages in Alterac mountains, Now have correct mana + correct AI. Lieutenant Valorcall, now patrols. Syndicate Highwaymen, corrected backstab. Cantepaar Worker, Corrected HP and Damage. lost whelp, corrected damage. wyverns in highperch are now targettable. PVP: Wsg powerups range were too large. should reflect retail now. AV Badges are purchasable using 1 AB and WSG Badge of honor from your accessories vendor. The Battle for Arathi Basin Quest corrected for horde.