Server Info

Rank: 1
Category: Aion Online
Version: 4.5
Location: United States

Aion Private Server with 4.5 full content.

The server has two realms:

All stigmas (skills and stigmas auto learn)

Stigma system (only skills are auto learned, the stigmas need to be choosed by players)


Experience: 200x
Gathering: 200x
Drop: 75x
Crafting: 200x
Quest: 50x
Abyss Points: 10x
Kinah: 100x

The server also has a lot of exciting features, check the [url=]GamezAion Server Info[/url] page for more details.

To play you need to [url=] Register game Account [/url] and [url=] Download GamezAion Launcher [/url]

Website links:

[url=] Gamez Network Community Forums [/url]

Have fun!