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Introduction to BattleScape
One of the oldest private servers around - history starting from before 2007.
Some previous names include BattleScape Isle, BattleScape Blitz, BattleScape 317, and BattleScape 523.


• Load Models/Emotes: 459, 474, 483, 525, 562, 603, 718 (All in one client)
• Full Screen: possibly the best field of vision on a 317.
• High Detail
• Clan Wars with multiple options/maps
• A forum based livechat (1:1 chat with staff for assistance)
• Older Bosses buffed up to be an actual challenge; some given minions to make it a challenge.
• Player Owned Shops (Items & Username Searching)
• Full Fight Kiln (36 Waves)
• Full Jad (63 Waves)
• Social Slayer
• Bank Tabs
• 10 Quests
• 500+ users to play with all through the day.
• Hacking refund support: if you get hacked, our Administration team will try their hardest to make sure you get those items back.
• Completionist Cape: Bored of PKing & PvMing..? try going for a very hard achievement which will take you a week or two.