Metin2 Private Servers

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Metin 2 Private Server List

World of Metin 2
World of Metin 2 Metin2
Eternia2 - The real metin2
Metin2Felnac- Server Clasic lvl 99
Frost Metin2
Addicting Mt2
Fresh Database - 2 servers 24/24
SonyMt2 - No 6/7 - No Mods !! 1.000 + ONLINE !!
Dragon of Metin2 [Fun Server 2014]
NEW Metin II
Metin2 Terra Mistica - Best Spanish Server
Metin2 FRZ
Reborn Metin2
Metin2Global PVP-FUN
Dragon Mt2 - PvM-PvP Server
Metin2Ride - Aventura incepe
Curse of metin2
Metin2VenoM-PVP -PVM
Metin2 Sylvanas Pvm Hard lv 99
Metin2 Carpatic PVM HARD
New Forum Metin2
Metin2 Valcea - The new beginning
Metin2 Info
Metin2 Website
Community Forum and Board
Wiki and Game Guide
Game Items with details
Server Emulator - Free download
Steel India - Dedicated
MT2 CMS Free - France
Online Game Supreme
Vipstyle MT2
Metin2 Fun
Relevation Server
Royal - Kornulet
Unico server con guerras de reino por rangos.
Phobia 2 - Feel the Fear
Acuria2 - Herrscher der Unterwelt
Metin2-Chronicl e
Metin2 - Chronicle Forum
Walking Dead MT2
Priv FireMt2 [EASY/MEDIUM] Poland
MT2 iLuSioNs
MT2 ProPvP is Back