Warbringers - 10.1.5

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网站 df.warbringers.eu
Discord Discord
版本 Dragonflight
类型 Blizzlike
位置 France
最近更新24 Aug 2023
加入日期18 Aug 2023


Warbringers - 10.1.5

Warbringers is a unique game world based on the Dragonflight 10.1.5.{50791} expansion. We are focused on creating a high-quality game world that will allow you to immerse yourself in a completely new game world.

At the moment, we cannot guarantee the stable operation and high performance of the game content. We're the first among the servers to launch Dragonflight, so we need time to implement this or that feature.

If, despite all the above-mentioned drawbacks, you still want to explore and conquer the Dragon Islands, playing as the awakened Dracthyr - the first combination of race and class in the history of World of Warcraft - then you're welcome to join us!

Server features: -

x3 for kills, quests and exploration of new locations;
x2 per drop ;
x2 for reputation.

Our website is not yet available, but you can find our discord below to keep up to date with the project.
Discord invitation link: https://discord.gg/4CD9pkGF4w