Medieval Legends

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版本 Time of Legends Stygian Abyss
类型 Pve Pvm Pvp Shard Custom
位置 United States
最近更新07 Jun 2022
加入日期07 Jun 2022


Custom champs, crafting, mobs, pets, gear, and unique experiences await you! Experienced, helpful Staff and discord! No downloads necessary, 1 account per IP, 1200 skill cap, 350 stat cap.

Medieval Legends is open and looking for players! This is a PvPvE shard that's brand new! We pride ourselves in bringing old school and new elements together.
Some of our features include:
- Custom champ spawns
- A rewarding and challenging achievement system with item rewards
- Dozens of custom quests
- Custom mobs
- Custom pets
- Unique events and event systems
- Town invasions
- Active staff
- Active, helpful Discord server
- And so much more!

- 1 account per IP
- One house per IP, up to two after a quest
- 1200 skill cap, 350 stat cap
- Bank bells, player travel books, and more as quest rewards.
- Several new player quests

Join us here: Medieval Legends Ultima Online Server
IP Port 2593