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版本 1.13.2
类型 Survival Friendly MCMMO Quests Portals Wild Fun PvP Dynmap Shop
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加入日期29 Nov 2018

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Don't wanna read this wall of text?
Check out our website (:

Xivic is a relatively small Minecraft server, run by a couple of pretty clueless norwegians.
We're long time crafters, but brand new hosters - so there's probably room for a lot of improvement!

Our goal was originally simply to provide ourselves and our close friends with a world where we could do whatever (and avoid servers with admins that constantly abuse their powers and banhammers).

Then other people started to join, people we didn't know, complete strangers.
Some just visited briefly. Some wanted to advertise for their "superior" server. Some stayed. They continued to pay visits. Soon they became regulars; their names familiar and their presence on Xivic both welcome and wanted.

That is our new goal - to be a fun and friendly server, where people from all over can explore and build and chat. As we norwegians say, we like to have it "hyggelig".

Over time we've learned about and added a bunch of plugins to our server, to keep things spicy.
Come visit our cozy little corner of the Minecraft Universe - we would love your company and to hear your thoughts and ideas about improvements! (: