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版本 1.13.2
类型 Survival Creative Hunger Games
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The Australian Multi-Purpose Server
It is recommended that you visit our website to get detailed information on all our features, current and future, and other useful pages (like Dynmap)!Looking for a server where you can play almost any game type, but still have the comfort of being part of a community? The the Worldwide Minecraft Alliance is probably for you.We are an Australian-hosted Australian-run multi-purpose server that is constantly evolving to include features requested by players. At the moment, you can spend most of your time playing Survival, Creative or Skyblock, while on days when you feel like playing something else, join other players in any of our minigames.
Current Available Features
Survival (as vanilla as possible, with obvious warp, teleportation, and protection)Creative (plot-based,  100x100, impossible to grief)SkyBlock (play by yourself or with some friends)SkyGrid (great hardcore survival in the sky)

Capture The Flag (requires at least 2 people per team)
Spleef (quite a large arena)Mob Arena (fight mobs like there's no tomorrow)Paintball (the latest and greatest in snowball-throwing fun)Team Fortress 2 (6 capture points, 2 teams)

Hunger Games (with the Survival Games 2 map)The Walls (based on The Walls 2 map)GhostCraft (also known as The Herobrine or The Hidden)MineZ (based on DayZ for Arma 2)

Chess (both small boards and large ones, against friends or bots)Battleships (the classic game)Connect Four (also known as four-in-a-row)Tetris (single player, classic, fun)Minesweeper (harder than you think)Mahjong (the Chinese puzzle game)Memory (the classic)
Current Rules & Regulations
Here are the basics:We don't allow griefing, stealing, spam, or abuseNo PvP in SurvivalHacks and mods that we believe are unfair are not allowedWe don't give staff positions to anyone we don't trustNo advertising other serversRead them all in detail here.
Other Servers That Compliment the Minecraft Server
TeamSpeak: (Minecraft channel)IRC: #minecraft

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