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Hello Everyone! My name is Chris, otherwise known as Swash. I welcome you to my first modded Minecraft server. This modded server features a way to level up your many attributes, face RougeLike Dungeons, PvP with players, Lycanite's Mobs and Tinker's (limited forge) with many addons. As well, we focus on a roleplay aspect, involving different races with the factions mod. With over 138 mods, item blacklist, and quest you'll be able to go on a modded adventure and level up your sword, and gain unimaginable power.

You can join any faction, but the difficulty increases the further you are from spawn. Multiple dimensions in which you can live exist

Players must respect the beginners of this modded world, they will be completing the tutorial quest that will guide them and hopefully get them started. Punishing newer players will result in a dying server playerbase

There are multiple dimensions where you may fight. However, be wary that we have a mods that spawn difficult mobs in all dimensions, making each one increasingly more difficult than normal. With the further you make it away from spawn, the even more difficult mobs progressively get.

How to join:

First, you must join our discord server! It's free, easy, and you get to communicate to the owner (me) and all of the fellow players! We also have a large fun community!

Link to our Discord:

Next, to get the modpack you will need to have the Technic launcher. After installing it, you can follow the video guide on our Discord to get it downloaded and ready.


Things You Probably Want to Hear:

- We hand select a small trustable group to act as staff. Anyone caught cheating will suffer a major ban across many discords.
- There are no pay to win mechanics nor purchasable cosmetics with real money.
- The staff and I listens to players! If you have an idea feel free to message me at any time!
- We don't have annoying chat colors. No annoying rank prefixes that hurt the eyes.
- Extensive configuration to make the modded experience more difficult.

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