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Welcome to Afternoon Tea, sit back, relax, and play some Minecraft!Launched in early 2013, ATC is a great server with a reputation for fair play, friendly staff, and a great community. We don't accept any slip ups, and we ensure everyone has a great time playing with us. Play is a little different from standard MC, with loads of bukkit plugins to make the game more interesting. There are several rules which can be read by going onto our website.
Plugins:We run lots of Bukkit plugins to make the server experience more immersive and fun. Some of these are listed here:
- Towny: We use towny to let players protect their work, and play together- DiabloDrops: Kill mobs, get epic unique loot (2,679,707,091,600 different items to get), what more can you ask for?- PlotMe: Fancy some creative? Get a creative plot.- Shops: Sell your items, or buy some from other players. We currently use QuickShop. Visit our marketplace!- Ranks: Rankup and get cool abilities and perks. - Backpacks: Unlock the power of backpacks, hold more in your inventory!- TreeAssist: Save time cutting down those trees!
ATC holds up strong policies on fair play, and any hackers or cheaters will be instantly banned.