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类型 RP PVP PVE Semivanilla Vanilla Active Admins
United States
最近更新27 Jun 2021
加入日期27 Jun 2021


Arrakis is an RP PVE server with PVP Red Zones and active admins. The server is no KOS, except for in major monuments, the underground train tunnels, during raids, during airdrop and attack helicopter events, and in unmarked ocean squares. The server is lightly modded to preserve performance , only having reduced building decay/upkeep and 2X building materials and scrap. All other gathering rates are vanilla, including sulfur. This is to boost RP/PVE while keeping PVP at vanilla rates. There are no kits or VIP bonuses of any kind. Wiped monthly, force wipe only for BPs.

Arrakis has Admin Towns, which can host player residences and shops. The towns are a safe zone where raiding and PVP are not allowed. Players are also free to make their own towns, which operate under their own rules. Full details for how this works can be found in the Discord.

Racism or slurs of any kind will result in a ban. We allow trash talk, but aim to filter out the extremes of toxicity as best we can.

Arrakis aims to offer something for every player, whether they are PVP or RP oriented. We want to provide everything Rust has to offer to our players. Arrakis is professionally hosted in central US with priority CPU scheduling.

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