Carnage RSPS

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版本 317
类型 Custom Content Custom Home Custom Bosses Custom Minigames Custom Quests Runelite
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新11 May 2024
加入日期29 Mar 2024


🎉 Welcome to Carnage! 🎉 

ℹ️ We are one of the most unique custom servers with  active staff member  and an active Owner/Developer who care for the players needs. ℹ️ 

Here are a couple of the things to look forwards too inside Carnage

👻 Unique Custom minigames 👻 

🧌 Plenty of bosses and Global bosses to do with other players  for Amazing loot 🧌 

💵 You're able to get bonds as loot without having to donate for them! 💵 

⚔️ Over 70+ Unique zones to work your way through and keep you entertained ⚔️ 

🎲 Fully automated Scam-proof gambling system 🎲 

Iron man & Group iron man! 

👑 Become a King/Queen Of Carnage 👑 

🧧 Daily tasks/rewards 🧧 

🎁 Daily Login Rewards 🎁 

💫Regular Events! 💫 

🎁  Discord giveaways! 🎁 

🌟 Join Now and Help Forge the Future of Carnage RSPS! 🌟