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类型 317 pking pvm bossing free items
位置 United States
最近更新17 Sep 2022
加入日期17 Sep 2022


Lazepa is a brand new RSPS that offers an amazing player experience.

New players (unique to each person, can not be claimed multiple times) will receive 5 mystery boxes. 


  • 10+ bosses with amazing mechanics. We have bosses that have never been seen on private servers with combat that is fun and engaging.
  • Incredibly fun and rewarding skilling. Skilling is usually overlooked on private servers, but not on Lazepa. Skilling activities also have a chance to reward you with a mystery box!
  • Unique perk system. You can obtain perks by completing activities throughout the game, and these perks will give you boosts to related activities.