Drako HD

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网站 drakops.com
Discord Discord
版本 Osrs 200 HD
类型 Active community active players Nex Custom Bosses Custom Content
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新13 Feb 2022
加入日期06 Feb 2022


Drako is a fresh take on an OSRS server, combining experience from custom servers and well grounded OSRS servers. Server features. Endgame content: Fully coded COX, Nightmare, TOB - All of these end game bosses and raids have been rigorously tested and tweaked to ensure a smooth and fun gameplay experience. 

- Beneficial AFK features: - Fully functional and balanced Woodcutting, Farming, Fishing, Runecrafting, Mining and Hunter can be done while AFK. 
- AFK shop contain items that benefit skilling xp gain. 

- Fully coded and expertly designed Worldbosses, including a Voteboss and Donator boss: - Both bosses have been balanced with eco sustainability in mind, whilst still giving benefits to those who support the server and kill the bosses. Balanced boxes to ensure that the impact of donating on the eco is managed appropriately, keeping rarer items obtainable through only grinding.
 - Boxes will never contain items such as a Scythe of Vitur of Twisted bow to keep them exclusive to those who put in time to play the game. 
- Custom Barrows minigame: - Barrows has been given adequate QOL updates to ensure the experience is maintained but more enjoyable to cut out the irritating parts of Barrows. 

Ironman modes, including: Group, Ultimate, Hardcore and Group Hardcore: - Recognizing ironman as a large player demand, all modes have been added and we will always be looking to expand gameplay potential with new, exciting modes. 

Having a consistent and responsive developer is something that Drako prides itself in having: - Any bugs/issues will be hotfixed as soon as possible, ensuring gameplay is not impacted unnecessarily. Server has roadmapped ahead 10 weeks so updates can stay consistent and the server will be up-to-date.
- Suggestions will always be listened to and taken into consideration within the regular staff meetings. Fully fledged active and dedicated staff team: - We believe that the staff team creates the base of the community and pride ourselves in having an interactive and dedicated team to Drako.