Onyxia RSPS

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网站 onyxiarsps.com
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版本 718 667 742 rs3 osrs
类型 120 capes 25x XP Rate Achievements 20 Bosses Active Bossing bounty hunter Osrs Content Osrs Items RS3
位置 Canada
最近更新27 Feb 2023
加入日期25 Aug 2021


Welcome Onyxia RSPS

Our differences?
Pet with perks
Bounty Hunter
Well of Experience
120 Slayer
OSRS items
OSBuddy HP Overlays
Gameplay Settings
Bunch of customs


We have 5 different gamemodes, which you can choose, if you want a smooth gameplay, you should select Persistent mode, cause as less XP as you get, better will be your drop rates in the future.

Persistent - Low XP, Best drop rate (For normal modes)
Natural - Mid XP, Mid drop rate
Royal - Fast XP, Horrid drop rate (Recommended for PKers)

Ironman - Standard ironmans will have good drop rates because it cants trade.
Hardcore - Hardcore ironmans will have better drop rates, but can't die, or will lose account.


Unique Titles
Yes, we have a unique table of titles, which can be used to show how your progress throughout the game, yes, we know you love to show how good in killing bosses you are ma'am,
That contains more than 15 applicable titles (For non-ironman players), which means the old RuneScape titles don't exist anymore.