Mu Online 服务器 New Wings

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New Wings Mu Online服务器列表


Escape MU Season 17

MU 私人的 服务器 Escape MU Season 17
Season 17 Part 2 Opening 02 July 9999x Balanced PvP Castle Siege Big Spots Fun Server Long Term New Features New Wings

Asteria MU SEASON 17

Asteria MU SEASON 17
Season 17 S17 9999x Balanced PvP Castle Siege Big Spots Fun Server New Features OPENING 18 DECEMBER

EmpireMU NoReset S17

EmpireMU NoReset S17
Season 17 opening 5. August Real Play to win Epic boss fights New PvP Arena event Epic 5th Wings

MephisMU - 8 January

Season 17 NEW Characters NEW Sets NEW Season 17 HOT Latest Season 17 New Wings Mephis Lemuria

Mu Decode Online S6

Season 6 1200x Balanced Pvp Classic New Wings Play To Win High Drops No Borra Stats

DrXMu S6 Custom

Season 6 custom mu High Drops AntiHack friendly GM Custom XP 2500 Drop 60 New maps New Sets New Wings


Season 7 Season 6 New Events New Features New Items New Jewels New Monster New Sets New Wings Quest System Balanced Pvp

Freya Mu

Season 4 100x Fun Server Balanced Pvp Dynamic Exp New Wings New Items No Donate Shop No Donate
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