Mu Fantasy

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版本 S3
类型 5X
最近更新18 Dec 2022
加入日期18 Dec 2022


About Us:
Fantasy MU is born out of passion, dedication and love for the game. A lot of time and countless efforts were put to this server to make sure that we bring out the best. With our 15 years of experience in the fields of gaming and MU Online, we will deliver you the high quality game server you were looking for.

Server description:

Fantasy MU is a server with a low level of experience so that you can get the most out of the game. The server is maximally spared from customizations that you are so tired of. For convenience, a clicker has been added to the game.  The maps are full of places with monsters. All character classes are balanced, so you can create your favorite character as soon as you enter the game.

Server Settings:

- Version: Season 3 Episode 1 (Original, no downgrade)
- Experience: (Atlantis 5x)
- Drop rate: 60%
- Maximum Level: 400
- Points per Level: Standard - 5/7
- Maximum stats: 32,767