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版本 1.19.x 1.16.5
类型 Survival 2b2t 4Fun Amazing Adventure Anarchy Shop Economy Balanced Economy Hard Server
最近更新31 May 2023
加入日期31 May 2023


Welcome to RoyalMC, a challenging and captivating survival server! Here, you will find a wide range of features and elements that will make your Minecraft experience truly special. RoyalMC offers a friendly and active community, and your adventure in the Minecraft world will be truly memorable.


Economy and Jobs: On RoyalMC, you have the opportunity to build your own economic empire. Choose from a variety of available jobs to earn money and climb the server's economy rankings. Whether you prefer to be a miner, farmer, builder, or trader, there is always a way to improve your financial situation.


Custom Enchants: Experience the power of custom enchantments that will enhance your equipment and enable you to tackle the challenges of survival. Whether you want to increase your speed, resistance, or strength, RoyalMC offers a wide range of enchantments to personalize your playstyle.


Land Claiming: Protect your land and constructions using the land claiming system. This way, you can ensure that your projects are safe and won't be affected by other players' actions. You can invite your friends to build next to you and create a strong and supportive community.


PvP Arena: Showcase your combat skills in the dedicated PvP arena. Here, you can train with other players or participate in regular PvP competitions and events. Your team and fighting abilities will be tested in intense and action-packed battles.


Voting System: Every vote you give to the RoyalMC server is valuable. The voting system offers exclusive rewards and allows you to obtain special items and advantages that enhance your gameplay experience. Remember to vote daily and take advantage of the benefits provided by the voting system!


Shop and Crates: Explore the server's shop, where you will find a wide range of items, equipment, and resources that you can purchase with the in-game currency. Additionally, you can access special crates that contain exclusive and unique rewards. With a bit of luck, you might find rare and valuable items that will enhance your adventure.


Hard Difficulty Mode: RoyalMC is set to Hard difficulty mode, offering you a real challenge in surviving in the Minecraft world. You'll need to be cautious and develop your skills to face the threats in the environment. Each step forward will be a remarkable achievement!


Whether you're a talented builder, a fierce fighter, or a skilled entrepreneur, the RoyalMC server welcomes you with open arms to breathe life into your Minecraft journey and provide you with a unique gaming experience. Join our community and forge your path to survival and success!