Omen MC

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状态 Unknown
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版本 All
类型 Balanced Economy PvP Survival Custom Recipes crossplay AntiGrief life steal
位置 India
最近更新11 Oct 2023
加入日期30 May 2023


Omen MC: Where Plugins Transform Minecraft

Omen MC is not just another Minecraft server; it's a realm where plugins breathe life into every block and pixel. With a vast array of plugins, including EconomyShopGUI for trading, AdvancedEnchantments to enhance gear, and AdvancedPortals for exploration, Omen MC offers an extraordinary adventure. Rise through the ranks with ajLeaderboards, hone your skills with AureliumSkills, and unlock epic tales through Quests. Our server embraces cross-platform play, allowing players from different versions and platforms to unite in their adventures, thanks to Geyser-Spigot and ViaVersion. Security and fairness are paramount with plugins like LuckPerms and CoreProtect. What sets us apart is our unique "Lifesteal" feature, adding depth to combat and making every battle exhilarating. Join us at Omen MC, where these plugins merge to create a Minecraft experience like no other.