Azkabanz Minecraft

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状态 Unknown
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版本 1.19.4
类型 Survival Cosmetics AntiGrief ChestShop Custom Ranks Kit Vote Team
位置 Sri Lanka
最近更新19 May 2023
加入日期11 May 2023


Welcome to Azkabanz Minecraft!

Venture into the wild, untouched wilderness of Azkabanz, where the spirit of true survival meets immersive gameplay enhancements. Our server is a haven for Minecraft enthusiasts who are seeking a blend of classic survival and exciting new features. Here, your craft, build, mine, explore, and level up your way to greatness in our uniquely designed world.

Features of Azkabanz Minecraft:

  • Server Levels and Skills: Level up via our ranking system and enhance your gameplay with 15 unique skills and perks.

  • Claiming and Player Shops: Claim your own land, purchase extra claim blocks, and set up your own shop to sell items.
  • Teams: Form alliances with other players and strategize together to level up your team.
  • Playtime Levels and Daily Rewards: The more you play, the more rewards you earn.
  • Cosmetics: Show off your style with Particle Effects, Emotes, and Pets available in our store.
  • Modern Version: We’re running on Minecraft 1.19.4, so you can enjoy all the latest features.
  • Custom Generation: Our world offers custom-generated terrain for a unique exploration experience.
  • Arena and Combat Log: Engage in PvP in our arena, and never worry about players logging out mid-combat.
  • Lottery and Sell Wands: Try your luck in our lottery and simplify your gameplay with Sell Wands.
  • Graves and Backpacks: Keep your loot safe when you die, and carry extra items in handy backpacks.
  • Ranks and Quests: Complete engaging quests and climb the ranks for added perks.
  • AFK Zone and Leaderboards: Earn rewards while AFK and compete with fellow players on our leaderboards.
  • Auction House and Crates: Sell items to other players and discover loot in our pre-configured crates.

Azkabanz Minecraft is a community-driven environment. Here, every player has a voice, and teamwork is encouraged. So, are you ready to take on the challenge and survive in the wilderness of Azkabanz? Join us today and become a part of our ever-growing community.