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状态 Unknown
最近PingMonitoring disabled
版本 1.12.x 1.19.x
类型 Survival SMP Multiplayer Vanilla Creative BungeeCord Anarchy Skyblock OP Custom Map
位置 Germany
最近更新17 Apr 2023
加入日期17 Apr 2023



It's better together

Create your own server in seconds, add plugins and invite your friends!

Let your creativity take control with your very own 24/7 running Minecraft server.

Why use ClustRed:

  • Plugins - Add plugins like Skript, MultiVerse and more. Create your dream server exactly the way you'd like with no restrictions.
  • OP - You are OP and have full control over server files, and nobody can take this ownership from you. You are your own boss.
  • In-game System - You don't need to sign up on an external website. Everything happens in-game and can be controlled via menus.
  • Events - Take part in community events like server challenges or showcase livestreams.
  • 24/7 Online - We don't have time limits, so your server is always online. Server files will also, as long as normal usage applies, never deleted.
  • Complete freedom - You always wanted to own an anarchy, survival, city build, creative, etc. server? Then your dreams will soon be reality. With a plethora of plugins and customisation options, along with server resources nothing stands in the way of your Minecraft server ownership dreams..
  • Lag free - We don't have overloaded servers or nodes. If you do require more though, you can purchase RAM, CPU, Players and Plugins with our in-game currency, which you can earn simply by voting.

What are you waiting for?
Join ClustRed and start your Minecraft server adventure with /cr!

(And don't forget to invite your friends, Minecraft is more fun together)

You want more from the ClustRed Community? Then sign up on our forum at, or join our Discord server at