Dirtbag City Life

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网站 curseforge.com
状态 Unknown
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版本 1.18.2
类型 life Real Life gun crime jail Prison simulation
位置 United States
最近更新18 Dec 2022
加入日期27 Nov 2022


Dirtbag City Life

Welcome to the Dirtbag City Life Server Modpack!



This modpack includes, growing and selling of "illegal" substances, customizable guns and vehicles, player owned houses, physical currency.


Some of the mods in this pack include:
Just Enough Drugz (JEDZ)

Economy INC
Flash NPC's


Eye Mod (Cell Phones)

Chat Bubbles

In Game Voice Chat

and many different furniture/decoration mods


We offer the ability for players to roleplay a life of their choosing in our city. Players have the ability to own or rent land and decorate player bought homes just the way they like with money they earn in game. Our police offer the best protections for any civilian living in our city from the criminal underground element that is kept under tight control.


Enjoy our community Dirtbag life Server. 

try our server out at:          Join our Discord here