WeW Survival

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类型 SMP smp survival Semi Vanilla Semivanilla
位置 France
最近更新26 Nov 2022
加入日期26 Nov 2022


The main goal is to build some very cool things on the server on this crazy map.
Each season will bring different maps, plugins and small modifications to have some spicy change :D
We don't really want PvP (other than duels if the other person is okay) / Grief on the server, if you can't respect that, this server is probably not for you.

For plugins, like I said almost all of them are QoL, I will try to list everything here:

- Access to 3 /sethome
- Creeper explosions does break blocks, but are placed back after few seconds.
- Dynmap with players visible
- Level system on tools, the more you use your tool the more enchant you get ( 50 levels, every 5 level 1 enchant is given ). Yes, it will create very very OP tools when high level, but it's pretty fun :P
- Waystone system. Waystones are placed at "important" area, so you can freely travel to those zones. (if you think an area is pretty important and it should be added to the system, you can just ask me.)
- Corpse system. When you die, your corpse will stay for 1 hour to keep your gear.

And this is it!
If you would like to join, feel free to join the discord: https://discord.gg/gfzBkvUKXB

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!