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版本 1.19.2
类型 Backpacks SMP Minigames Enhanced Vanilla PvP PvE Pve Survival Adventure Paper Custom Mobs
最近更新14 Oct 2022
加入日期14 Oct 2022


                                                          - SubByte -                          - Rethink Gaming-

Have you ever wanted to experience a new Minecraft? Do you want to influence how YOUR game could change in the next update? Are you in search of a great community? Well, why not trust the guys that have been creating this vision for the past few years?!? Yeah, let us introduce to you [SubByte], an "Enhanced Vanilla" SMP server that will scratch all of your itches. The team behind this project had this idea way back in the past, and after more than 3 iterations, they finally release a Public BETA!!! You might be thinking "What makes you so special???". Let us show you. The best way to see for yourself is to join, but if you want to be savvy, let's start with the goal. The SB team was fed up with the generic build styles, RPG elements, and ultra-unrealistic game modes/additions to other servers, so they took another approach. In the Survival server of SubByte, you will find clean designs, vanilla-like additions (that don't scream at your face), a few minigames to blow off steam, a fast-growing community, friendly staff, polite people, constant update, appreciation for any achievements, scoreboard competitions, economy system, premium-built pets, personalized experience, and much more. We won't bore you with a spec sheet. If this description has piqued your interest, just type "" in your Minecraft servers search. We will meet you there.