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状态 Unknown
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版本 1.18.2
类型 SMP Semi Vanilla Semivanilla
位置 United Kingdom
最近更新01 May 2022
加入日期13 Mar 2022


Just launch minecraft through your preferred launcher with any of your preferred mods, and the resource pack will download itself when you join the server!

Starshooter City has custom items, blocks, dimensions and entities, and upgrades to existing mechanics of the game.

Some examples of Starshooter City's features are:

- Backpacks, that can be worn or combined with chestplates to increase inventory space!

- A currency item, rather than invisible currencies like the Vault plugin and /balance, Starshooter City's currency item is a proper item, obtained through the /sell command or different jobs!

- Compressed blocks that look like enchanted forms, that keep the enchanted glow even when placed down!

Starshooter City has large updates almost every week, with smaller ones releasing every day!

You can even suggest your own ideas to be added on the server's discord, or in the regular chat, to be added in updates!