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版本 1.18 1.8
类型 Towny Townywars Wars Survival Guns Crates Vehicles Trading Custom Map Economy
最近更新22 Feb 2022
加入日期14 Feb 2022


PeasantMC | 1.8-1.18.1 | Custom Dungeons & Quest | Earth | Towny | Guns & Vehicles | Skill System |


✨ About the PeasantMC Experience ✨

Welcome to PeasantMC, the best in Survival Minecraft! The main goal of the PeasantMC team is to provide a fantastic experience for all users, whether you are a Content Creator or new to Minecraft. We are a Geopolitical-Towny survival server built around an Earth terrain, currently running the latest 1.18 version.

✨ Main Features of PeasantMC ✨

❇Custom Dungeons & Mobs: Adventure through differing dungeons against custom Mobs & Bosses that become increasingly difficult the farther you progress. Towards the end may lie the biggest challenge of all... Become the ultimate warrior and etch your name into the Hall of Fame!

❇Unique Quest: Follow the path of an RPG-like experience and be the first to complete them all! The more you complete, the better the rewards.

❇Nations: Wander across the globe and establish your own settlement. Bring in citizens to grow into towering cities. Ally with other towns to trade unique resources or wage war & sieges against others to steal their land and crumble their societies!

❇Guns & Vehicles: Custom Planes, Cars, Submarines, Drills, Tanks, Helicopters, and more! Create and find Guns & Ammunition to protect your people or allies, trade across black markets, or dominate and siege against others!

❇RankUp & Skill System: Climb the ranks and become top of the leaderboards. Choose to specialize in certain categories or be a Jack of All Trades!

❇Evolving Market: Dynamic shops with prices influenced upon player Supply & Demand. Create your own markets and control the economics of certain items!

❇And so much more! Slimefun, Automatic Farms, Kits, RankUp, Dynmap, Brewery, etc.