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状态 Online
最近Ping35 minutes 46 seconds ago
版本 1.18
类型 Multiplayer Survival Pve Survival Cracked Spigot Big Map Rankup Survival SMP Grief Prevention Friendly
United Kingdom
最近更新22 Dec 2021
加入日期22 Dec 2021


If you're looking for a little survival server with a friendly community, you've come to the right place!

Some of EC's features:

- Rankup system
The more advancements you complete, the higher you can rank up. Can you get to the highest rank?
We have over 1000 advancements (thanks to the Blazeandcave advancement pack).

- Friendly community and staff
We have kept a great community for over 3 years and we are always happy to expand it. Our staff have all started out as regular players and we still like to play along side our players, setting up a base, farms and shops and having fun with you

-No griefing
You can protect your builds against griefers, no matter how big your base is (or how many different builds you have).
Even if a griefer somehow manages to get past the protection, our staff will be happy to roll back any damage, so you are completely safe

- PvP Toggle
Don't want to fight? You can turn off pvp with a simple command

- No whitelist
You can just join and start playing immediately. No applications and no waiting

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