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版本 1.14.4
类型 Economy Roleplay Jobs Chill
United Kingdom
最近更新24 Oct 2021
加入日期17 Aug 2021


What is our server about?

So our server is an economy / RP server. There will be jobs that people can buy, pre-made and personal. There are vehicles and houses/apartments to buy. You'll start off with some money and you'll have to get a job to earn more money. Without people managing the economy, it will fail. We don't allow anyone to build, but it doesn't mean you can't there is an application to become a builder on the server. [This is to prevent griefers]. However, you do not have to fill an application to customize bought houses (in-game currency), just speak to an admin and they will set a day and time to do it with you.

What version of Minecraft?

We are currently using 1.14.4 Forge as we have a texture pack that works mainly for 1.14.4. But don't worry, if you are unsure about how to get what you need to join the server everything is explained in the discord server! Inside the discord, you will find all the relevant mods, texture packs, and forge version. And if you get stuck, create a support ticket and help will arrive!


As you could probably tell, I speak English, as all the admin team does. We would prefer if there were English speakers on the server as it would make communication much easier. But if English is a second language to you but you speak and understand it well, then come on down😜


There is no real age limit on the server as we try to aim to have a family-friendly zone. So if you do join, be mindful of what you say in general chats and voice chats😊


If anyone is interested in joining, please join the discord, it's where you can get whitelisted to join the server. Without a whitelist, you cannot join. If you do decide to join the discord. Agree to the rules and have a look at some screenshots of builds that I have made🔥And if you have any enquires, let me know in the 'main-chat'



DanPlayzLive [Dan]

super_malachi [Sam]


MonarchGamingFB [(me)Dan]


- AGE: You must be at least 16+ to become a builder
- LANGUAGE: You must at least be able to speak/read/write in English perfectly
- THEME: Your building style must fit in with the "city" theme otherwise it will not be allowed

- Knowledge: You must at least be able to build fairly decent builds of any type. Houses that are quite poor i.e. lack of care your builds will be removed and your role will be revoked.
- Experience: At least some experience in detailed builds and how to properly manage a construction.

As of right now, there will be no compensation however you are free to come and go as you please. You are not restricted to a timetable. However, a check in and a few builds here and there every now and then must happen. Absence for too long (30-days) with no notice of any kind will have your role removed. I will not be chasing people down. I am more than happy for builders to be flexible and come in when they feel like it but long absences will not be allowed. [P.s Compensation may change in the future depending on income]

Extra info:
When applying to become a builder, please make sure you fill out all the information correctly.