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状态 Unknown
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版本 1.16.4 1.16.5
类型 Factions PvP Survival Pve Survival Quests Economy Custom Spawn MCMMO Envoys Parkour
United Kingdom
最近更新22 Apr 2021
加入日期30 Mar 2021


General info about the server:

Welcome to Igamerz - the new feature-packed factions server with unique gameplay aspects, a bucket load of great plugins, and tons of stuff to do. Igamerz is brought to you by a dedicated staff working full-time on bug fixing, improving the user experience and adding new content.

On Igamerz you will explore and claim land on a huge map, raid and conquer the strongholds of your adversaries and ward off against their raids, earn money and rank up, worship gods, engage in trade, complete quests and minigames, and hang out and play with the fellow Minecraftians in our warm and friendly community and so much more.

So why not come and check it out? We dare you to have fun!

No pay to win and nearly unmatched player freedom

Igamerz has no pay to win. Player progression happens through ranks. There is no pay to win, as any player can achieve any rank given enough commitment.

We have little to no restrictions in the Faction warzone. There are no banned blocks or items, automated farming and resource generation are permitted. Water and lava walls are permitted, so is TNT.

What features does the server have?
  • Extensive factions plugin
  • Huge 200K blocks wide Faction warzone
  • Nearly unmatched player freedom within factions
  • No pay to win.
  • Large GUI-admin shop
  • Friendly community and dedicated Discord
  • Tons of plugins: McMMO, Essentials, SaberFactions, Vault, BattleArena, Votifier, Economy and Envoys to name a few. - *Trade System & Auctions.
  • Special powers, ranks and permissions
  • Frequent crate envoys
  • Two unique quests, an airship parkour quest and a huge underground quest with seven different levels and checkpoints.
  • PVP-Arena
  • Custom items and kits
  • Plugin assisted transactions between players. Open a player shop, -*hold an auction or sell directly to another player.
  • Lucrative voting rewards
  • Hall of Fame
  • Regular event: Vote Party on VIP-Airship
  • VIP-Airship: Casino, music, particle effects, fireworks, spirits and beer. Lots of fun!
  • And so much more.
We need your help!
We are a small enthusiastic MC community that does not yet have the financial means to conduct large scale ad campaigns to attract new players. But you can all help us accelerate the growth of our community and financial means without spending a single dime.
All you need to do is give the server a like or favourite, and don't forget to upvote our server daily. Finally please feel free to leave a comment as well. If you help us, we promise to invest in our community, add new content and improve the server experience for everyone.