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版本 Latest 1.17.x
类型 Bedrock Java Cheats Custom Items Custom Enchants 247 Custom Recipes Vote Rewards Spawners Anarchy
United Kingdom
最近更新20 Oct 2021
加入日期03 Jan 2021


Welcome! to ItsNotAnarchy!.... Well, it's not ItsNotAnarchy anymore! 
We have upgraded to a Bungeecord server and now have two main anarchy servers! 

I'm still working on setting up the servers to 100% so, if you are thinking of, playing take it as early access as things will change. 

Starting with ItsNotAnarchy the NEARLY anarchy server, in short, it's anarchy until someone complains it's not... there will be events coming in the future that implicate "rules" of some kind and not to mention the array of plugins we have to customize the server! 

over 300 custom enchants, custom ores with matching tools and armors, homes, shop, self auctions, hostile animals, talismans, there's probably more too 

Now also home to ItsAnarchy! as close as your going to get to a true anarchy server from me! brand new map (same world as ItsNotAnarchy) 
all linked from ItsHub also allowing access to our test server ItsNotTestAnarchy! 

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