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Welcome to Magma Red MC!

Welcome to the Magma Red MC Forum website! Here, you can discuss topics regarding to Pixelmon and any other off-topic subject! If you're requiring help and support please use the appropriate threads and we will help you as soon as we can!


IP Addresses and Useful Links


Click here to join our Discord!

Click here to visit our donation store!


All players will need to install Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 and Biome's O Plenty to connect to the server

You can download Pixelmon 8.1.2 here: Pixelmon 8.1.2

You can download Biome's O Plenty v2444 here: Biome's O Plenty


Magma Red Pixelmon Official Modpack (Technic):

The Magma Red Pixelmon Official Modpack includes the both Pixelmon and Biome's O Plenty and updates continually without needing to update it yourself.

How to install Technic Launcher (video):

Technic Launcher Download:

Magma Red Pixelmon Official Modpack:


Minecraft Launcher (Forge):

Alternatively, you can use the normal Minecraft Launcher, if you prefer to use Minecraft Forge. However this is much more difficult to install and does not carry the benefits of the Modpack. ​

Forge Installation Guide (video): 

Minecraft Launcher Download: 

Pixelmon Reforged 8.1.2 Mod Download: 

Biome's O Plenty v2444 Mod Download: 

Minecraft Forge V2854 Download: 


Suggestions and Bug Reports

If you have any suggestions for us, simply click here to make a forum post about it!

If you'd like to post a bug report, click here to make a forum post about it!

Thank you for all of your inspiring suggestions and great ideas!