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Patriam - The Great Minecraft RPG

Brought to you by Patriam™️ Studios and A K Q Donnelly, Patriam™️ is a Minecraft Roleplay, Geopolitical, and RPG Server.

Set upon the fictional world of Patriam in the Milky Way Galaxy, Patriam takes place millennia after a Great Galactic Catastrophe that sent the people of Patriam back to the Stone Age. Now, they have moved into a new Medieval-Classical Era as civilisation begins to reemerge. But what secrets does the world hold? Of it's prior occupiers.... the precursors?

Patriam is set on a fully custom map. The server includes a variety of unique and customized Plugins to fit the world and lore, including a brand new, never seen before custom plugin, that allows factions to take command of NPCs and use them to wage wars, protect trade routes, defend towns, cities, castles, forts etc. with many more custom plugins on the way! The server also has it's own vanilla+ custom resourcepack, custom items and blocks, Quests and more!

Patriam has a discord for all players to join that gives up-to-date notifications on server progress, events, announcements and more, as well as giving new players the opportunity to engage with the Patriam Community. There are already a variety of nations to join which are created by members of the community, otherwise, new players can forge their own destiny in Patriam and create their own nation.

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