PlanetWaffle Earth

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状态 Unknown
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版本 1.15.2
类型 Economy Vanilla Survival Towny Dynmap
United States
最近更新09 Mar 2020
加入日期08 Aug 2019


PlanetWaffle is a Scale model of the entirety of planet earth based on towny, it offers dynmap, custom commands and plugins, and much more to come!
The server is currently in beta, come join and make some friends!

Welcome to the WafflezMC Network!

The server you know and love since 2012, Now better than ever!

WaffleMinecraft is a community based economy server where you can buy, sell, grind, farm, and climb your way to the top whilst making new friends along the way, Offering in game buyable perks and ranks that include many things such as Emotes, Disguises, Pets, Global Shout, Warp Setting etc. Player amenities include Land Claiming, Auction House, FREE FLY, Multiple homes, Easy transportation, and more!

PlanetWaffle is run on a map that is a 1:2000 scale of the entire planet earth. It is based on towny, where you can create and govern your own town, claim your own land, sell plots to town citizens, appoint taxes, and so much more. On PlanetWaffle, you can choose which continent you want to settle down in, claim the actual city you live in, or even live where you've desired the most. Hell, even Antarctica! Player amenities include free customization of name and chat colors (even at the default rank), player emotes, in-game buyable ranks and perks, and many more to come! PlanetWaffle is currently in beta.