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Fastfood Gigant

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类型 Simulation Business Browser Free MMORPG Multiplayer
最近更新05 May 2021
加入日期11 Apr 2020


Fast food giant is a browser game. You start small by making french fries and pizza.
You learn more and more new and better recipes, you hire employees who prepare and sell everything for you.
You buy food trucks and bring your licking fast food dishes to people.
You see your small business grow into an ever larger company.
But not enough .. You want to become an empire, the largest, the best - the fast food giant.
You have to go get your fellow campaigners, other real players. Create a clan or join a clan.
Because together you are stronger. Do you have what it takes?
Will your fast food be the tastiest and best?
Prove it...

 -- The game is available in English and German --