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投票支持 服务器

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状态 Online
最近Ping22 minutes 30 seconds ago
版本 1.14
类型 Towny Survival Safe Survival Economy Farming No pvp PVP Mob Arena Authme Rpg
United States
最近更新06 Feb 2020
加入日期28 Jan 2020

服务器 信息


After being in development for a while now, Majoris is a Towny server designed to offer a simplistic yet engaging experience to our players. Majoris has a farming-based economy system designed to offer a PLAY TO WIN experience although PAY TO WIN is also possible while PLAY TO WIN will also be possible through Donor Ranks.

We currently do not have a playerbase so to encourage you and your friends to join us, for the first week, players joining us will get a head start, receiving a special kit and a starting balance of $50.000.
*We are aware that this can be exploited through the creation of multiple accounts, but for this one week, we'll let it slide*

Also, since there currently are only 2 System Operators, we will not be able to be online 24/7. Thus, moderator applications are also open. We are currently looking for moderators!

You can find more information on our discord server here:

Connect to the minecraft server with the following IP adress:

Have a great time!

在线玩家 - 过去24小时

We are looking for friendly and active moderators. If you are interested please contact us!