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Unturned Server List

USA- Warzonez.net Modded-PVP-Rank-Shop-Vault-Kit
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-1 i v save load
FoxStry RolePlay
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-2 i v save load
EU UnturnedBeast 3 Vault Kits AirDrop Loot
EU3 UnturnedBeast Server
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-5 i v save load
Warlancegameservers.com - Chicago Sandbox
EU UnturnedBeast 1 Vault Kits AirDrop Loot
UnturnedBeast Server By DronXa EU
EU Freezzer 3 PvP Market Garage Loot
EU Freezzer VANILLA 1
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-4 i v save load
Phantom Gaming Server 1
EU Freezzer VANILLA 2
ZomBearGaming 1
Server Closed 4
Unturned Public Server by Gamed de
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-6 i v save load
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-2 i v save load
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-1 i v save load
Jay and Silent Bob s Vanilla Yukon
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-4 i v save load
EU Freezzer ARENA-SANDBOX 1 save load
Swade Semi-RP
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-5 i v save load
Muck s GangZ Survival MucK 8070 Discord To Join
Cartman s Creative PvP TPA Rewards
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 1-3 i v save load
EU Freezzer 1 PvP Market Garage Loot
EU Freezzer 2 PvP Market Garage Loot
EU Freezzer 4 PvP Market Garage Loot
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-3 i v save load
The Last Hope
EU Freezzer ARENA Vanilla Stats Discord
A Umbrella 1 Shop Kits Tpa True Aim
Shalowan Role Play
EU Freezzer SANDBOX 2-6 i v save load
Russia 5x-Loot Economy Shop Tpa Home Semi-RP
Cartman-2000 s Unturned Server PVE1 ECO Shop
OctoGold I Kits l AirDrop l TPA l Home l PvP I
EU Freezzer ARENA-SANDBOX 2 save load
Cartman s PvE2 NoGrief TPA VStor Shop Reward Kits
DeathPrime s Kit PVP Feast
Salty s Kingdom-Feasts-Tpa-2x Loot
IBC Semi-Vanilla 1 PvP TPA HOME