Shadoria 5.4.8

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Sürüm 5.4.8 Mists of Pandaria
Tür Blizzlike
Son Güncelleme02 May 2023
Katılım Tarihi29 Apr 2023


Hello to you!

Become the new adventurer of Azeroth through our newly launched Mist of Pandaria 5.4.8 server.

On Shadoria, you'll find a website, a working in-game store (NoPayToWin), and a server that's still in development.

Whether you like to skin monsters in PVE or you prefer to unleash your Chî on goblins in PVP, you will find your happiness on Shadoria.

Dungeons, Battlegrounds, Arenas, Raids are all operational.
All with a remarkable stability!
-the black market
-Island of Thunder
-Island of frozen time
-the inter-faction

You can also join us on our Discord server and share your good mood!

French-speaking community, we will soon welcome English-speaking players who would like to join us.

Staff listening and available, live support, Blizzlike rate
Join us soon and see you soon.

The Shadoria team