Forest-Servers 3.3.5

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Sürüm 3.3.5a
Tür Custom Custom Raids Custom Quests Blizzlike Classic Custom Content Custom World Boss Custom Scripts Custom Items Custom Events
Son Güncelleme31 Jul 2022
Katılım Tarihi03 Jul 2022


Hello! Welcome to Forest-Servers! We are a new private server community that seeks to create a fun experience for all of our Members that join the community, We are currently providing a 3.3.5a Funrealm named Arthas - 3.3.5a.


This server provides the following custom content/fixes.

2 custom races(Krokul/Goblin)

1 custom continent(Emerald Isle)

2 custom dungeons(Molten Falls, The Overgrowth)

(1 player) dungeon: Pit of Exile that has Mage Tower like challenge bosses.

2 Talent Points per level.

No binds on any items(even after being equipped)

All weapon skills can be used by all classes.

Custom Mounts

Custom Building system(Camp Building)

All class tier requirements have been removed.

A Teleporter that is found in all capital cities and the dungeons/raids.

A Vendor/Daily quest npc that is found in all capital cities and the dungeons/raids.

X3 experience rates(X4 on the weekend)

Account-wide mounts.

Starting guild for all new characters(Newcomer)

Solo-dungeons(Solocraft) and well balanced dungeons/raids.

All dungeons drop Tier 0 loot caches.

Starting mount(Forest Fox) - Also all riding skills are learned on first login.

City raiding quests/honor title rewards for killing city guards/elites.

New Race/Class combos:

Orc Priest, Tauren Paladin, Troll Druid. Dwarf Shaman, Nightelf Mage, Gnome Paladin.


Join the fun today! We look forward to meeting you!