Baldazzar WoW Legion

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Sürüm 7.3.5 Legion
Tür Fun Realm High Rates
Konum Romania
Son Güncelleme27 May 2022
Katılım Tarihi27 May 2022


FAQ: 1) What are the rates?

Leveling: x1, but you can get our custom XP potions to earn more xp.

Reputation: x5, but you can get potions for higher rates here too.

Honor: x5

Item Drop: Poor, Normal, Uncommon and Rare: x10;

Epic: x4;

Legendary: x5

Money Drop: x10


2) Is this a solo server?

Yes, but you'll need at least one or two buddies to do legion raids. (at least for now, in the future everything might become soloable.)