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Sürüm 3.3.5a 3.3.5 Wrath of The Lich King
Tür Custom Transmogrifier Arenas Custom Commands Fun Realm Custom World Boss Voting Rewards online rewards Max Level 255
Konum United Kingdom
Son Güncelleme12 May 2024
Katılım Tarihi19 Jan 2022



Fun server

Max level 100

Over 1 000 000 custom items.

Over 2000m HP.

More then 10000 Transmogs form diferent game versions.
(Cata / MOP / WOD and Legion/ Handmade)

New way of gearing.
(Trough Item upgrade core)

Paragon level system granting even more stats per each level.

Custom races with all race and class combo.

All battlegrounds are working.

Balanced PvP.

All instances and raids working.

Balanced classes.

All Arenas are working 
(1v1/ 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5)

Custom enchants

Custom gems 

Custom Arrows for the hunters 

Plenty of custom gears


Change Logs
22 Aug 2023

All new characters will start with starter gear equiped.

All new character will need only weapons which will be delivered from the starter npc

New starter npc replacing the leveling npc and gives your class weapons.

New Mall Guide npc added.

Imperia-WoW In game chat bot added for communication between the players in the game and the discord linked to the new channel.

The new items were added to the current patch-4 but they will be released next week.

A new channel added to our discord called ⁠ingame-chat this channel is linked to the game chat directly meaning you can text everyone online in the game while in discord and a players from the game can send a text to the discord channel.

26 Aug 2023
  • New V.I.P System
  • New buffs
  • New commands use .vip to check them
  • Sponsor mall changed to sponsor instance
  • 6 diferent types of V.I.P items (Rings / Trinkets / Nneckalce and Bags)
  • New vip1 isntance use .vip1 i to teleport there
  • The vip teleport stone is now a key
  • Use .vip i or .vip instance to teleport to the vip instance
  • Use .vip mall or .vip m to teleport to the vip mall
  • New Titles added to the vip title stone.
  • Updated website page V.I.P Benefits
  • Updated the V.I.P Benefits on our discord
  • New ICC gear added for magic gold prices it has the same stat as the Infernal gear but it's easier to get.

*NOTE: You will still need the infernal gear to upgrade your items to donor.

  • Infernal gear prices have been changed to honor and arena points instead of honor and scarlet items.
  • World bosses number reduced to 5 due to the rest been inefficient.
  • V.I.P 2 RANK for MG added to the MG Exchange shop
17 Sep 2023

all flying mounts are flying everywhere mounts

17 Sep 2023
  • 9 New Star Wars Morphs
  • 4 New Star Wars Mounts
  • 6 New Lightsabers
  • New contitnents are added
  • Commnad .Learn all talent was removed cuz we got new method.
  • New UI added to the patch making the game look a bit more clean.

The choice is yours if you want to turn it off simply open your addons and disable it. The new realm is Released check it out!

30 Sep 2023
  • Patch-4 Updated
  • New Patch-H For the new Tmogs
  • New Patch-C For the new mounts and npc models
  • 94 new weapon tmogs from dragonflight
  • Many creatures models were changed with new ones from dragonflight
  • 25 new mounts from sl and df
  • New mall for the level 100 realm has been released
  • New Upgrade zone for the level 100 realm has been released with the new mall
  • New WoW Star Membership has Been added check out the benefits at

The transmogs were added in both realms The mounts are only on the level 100 realm for now

03 Nov 2023

292 New weapon transmogs added with the new patch-O All transmogs are avaialable in both realms

17 Nov 2023

slight change was made on the haste rate of the level 100 realm

21 Nov 2023

 Halloween event is over and it is time to close the event down but not to worry about it it is time for the Christmas event to come and open it's doors the event is available in both realms you can feel free farming in both realms.

Update your Patch-4 to be able to use the new Christmas items.

30 Nov 2023

New paragon system implemented
new bind menu added use #bind or Bind to open it

09 Dec 2023

New Guild House System was added to the level 100 realm

with custom commands

You can use .guildhouse or .gh to see them and the npc is on the right hand side of the mall next to the berserk buff quests

The .guildhouse buttler and .gh buttler is to spawn a buttler to be able to spawn your objects in the guild house the buttler will be spawned on guild house purchase but the command is added just in case it doesn't

12 Dec 2023

new online time reward system is added to the level 100 realm

05 Jan 2024

christmas event is now closed
the christmas items will remain but will be with reduced stats
in the token exchange npc you will see there are exchange of 500 of each material now just added some now exchange rates on it so enjoy this update and stay tuned for the next one

24 Jan 2024

a new spell was added to the bonus vip farm system berserk buff for 50% more dmg for the premium rank from the system.
Some new commands were added to the system
use .vip commands and scroll up to the top to see them.

27 Jan 2024

level 100 realm

  • Patch-4 Updated in the launcher and google drive
  • Command .honor was removed
  • Daily quest for arena points was removed.
  • New Item Upgrade Core Was added to the game
  • Reworked gearing System trough the Item Upgrade Core
  • Reworked Instances
  • Reworked Quest for keys required to enter the isntances
  • New starter gear
  • New starter weapons
  • Upgrade area removed due to Item upgrade core been implemented
  • New starter guide on the website under page guides from the side menu
  • Many currencies removed and replaced by magic gold
  • New drop for the Imperial World boss permanent know your place weapons with 2% chance to drop

Both realms

  • Increased speed on all custom mounts new movement speed is 500% for flying mounts and 300% for ground mounts
29 Jan 2024
  • Adjustments made on the lucky boxes loots now they drop 1000 magic gold coupons
  • Adjustments made on the wings visuals not affecting the whole mall when casted only the npc closest to you will be affected
  • Adjustments made on the token exchange npc since most currencies were reworked
  • Adjustments made on the Starter guide at the website
  • Adjustments done on donor and custom donor weapons boosted the dmg of all
01 Feb 2024
  • All race all class patch is now available for all the custom races
02 Feb 2024

All race all class with custom races patch added

04 May 2024

more updates can be found on our discord channel 

06 May 2024

For The latest updates join our discord server