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Sürüm 3.3.5a
Tür Progressive Trinity Classic Custom Content Custom Quests Custom Items Medium Rates Raids Progression
Konum Germany
Son Güncelleme19 Mar 2021
Katılım Tarihi19 Mar 2021


Duskhaven is a 3.3.5 PTE Server with additional content (currently up to level 60) 

*Mythic+ System
*Additional quests for many zones to help with the leveling progress and promote player interaction
*Increased Raid Difficulty for Classic Raids
*Reworked Tier Sets obtainable from Classic Raids and Mythic+
*Multiple new spells for each class
*Specs which were considered "bad" have received a buff to even out the balance
*New Legendaries (difficult to obtain)
*Tokens for visual items
*Death Knights will be playable after Naxxramas releases with a new DK starting zone
*Crossfaction AH, Raiding and LFG.

Quality of Life Improvements
* Dungeons have their quests available at the start of each dungeon.
* New Heirloom Items have been added to help you level up. (obtainable via tokens from custom quests)
* Apprentice Riding can now be acquired at a earlier level. If you wish to do so, you will have to complete a custom dungeon
* Weapon Skills are automatically maxed out
* Soul Shards are now stackable up to 200
* Dungeon Satchel's reward more useful goods (scrolls, buff-food etc)

Rates XP: x4 Reputation: x5 Drop: x2 Profession: x2 Gold: x2