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Sürüm 3.3.5a
Tür Medium Rates Custom Content Voting Rewards Transmogrifier Crossfaction Friendly Staff Progressive
Konum France
Son Güncelleme05 Oct 2020
Katılım Tarihi02 Jun 2020



You want to go back to this iconic wow version, but now have less time to dedicate to it?

This server is perfect for you, no need to have a group of 25 players to do a little raid night with your buddies, the adaptative system will give you the ability to scale the dungeons and raids.
A lot of other functions will help you through your adventure without being too easy either. The server is self-funded and will include no pay-to-win functions.

Here is a list of features that are actually on the server :

- Adaptive scaling of raids and dungeons.
- Adjustable character XP (x1 to x10)
- Progressive Wotlk content release (currently ULDUAR is on)
- Cross faction play (Group / trade / whisper / pvp etc...
- Old world flying (vote reward) 
- Cross faction battlegrounds
- Teleporters and other useful npc's
- All the BOP items are now BOE, you can stuff your alts easily

When the server will hit ICC's end we will open a second Cata realm with possibility to transfer.
Currently looking for contributors too (English community manager, all sorts of developers, and every single person that would like to put his talent in use on the server.)

Website :
My personal discord for recruitment : Lucasdedango#5961

Have a nice day and I hope to see you soon on the server ;)