US1 UnturnedLord PvP

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Sıralama488 Random Server
Web Sayfası Web Sayfası
Vote Oyla
Sunucu IP'si
Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled, to many fails.
Tür Dedicated First person Easy Home Kits No Sync Rocket PvP Voterewards Third Person
United States
Son Güncelleme16 May 2017
Katılım Tarihi15 May 2017


Welcome to UnturnedLord US1 server I bet you re looking for fun. Join us and you won t regret it b Features: b - free kits - experience on kill and revive - tpa - Feasts best weapons can only be found at feasts - vote rewards you won t find any better - good PvP fights
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