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Tür 2x Active Admin 3x Stacks Backpacks No Decay Events Monthly Wipe No Blueprints Better loot Dayvote
Konum Sweden
Son Güncelleme12 Apr 2023
Katılım Tarihi08 Feb 2023


Welcome to Rustease, a more laid back Rust experience. Worry no more waking up to see your base offline raided. Simply modded server encouraging more PvP engangements and less offline grubbing. Sounds like a server for you? Welcome home.

Discord server:

*Be nice and show respect to other players.
*Only English allowed in global chat.
*Maximum of 5 players per team/tc.
*Read the full list of rules in the Discord server.

Server properties:
*Maptype: Procedural
*Mapsize: 4500
*Wipe-schedule: Monthly mapwipe & no BP wipe
*No Decay

Plugins:*Optional Offline Raid Protection
*2x Gather
*Quick Smelt
*Skip Night vote
*Armored Train Event
*Convoy Event
*Raidable Bases Event
*Grid Power