Asylum MU Season 6

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Sürüm 6 Season 6
Tür 9999x
Konum Singapore
Son Güncelleme04 Oct 2023
Katılım Tarihi30 Sep 2023


No Pay to Win, Play to Win

Vote and earn credits to get Donate Rewards

Earn 100,000 WcoinsP and exchange to 1 PART DONATE with 5 socket your choice!

Join the newest Season 6 server and benefit from a new and upgraded 30 FPS gaming client. Experience a popular childhood game. Be part of the growing community. Easy server. No pay to win. Quest system, Grand Resets and get a free donate items. 

Season 6, Episode 3 Exp: 9999x Drop: 75% Max Level: 400 Auto Reset Level: 400

Max Stats: 32767

Cash Shop Enabled “X”

Freebies – Every Character/Class Created

5000 Starting Bonus Points

Solo Package:

Tier2 Ancient Set (Non-tradeable) FO + 15

Pair of Weapon or Shield and Weapon FO + 15

2nd Level Wing FO + 15