MuVision Season 6

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Sürüm Season 6
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Konum Israel
Son Güncelleme06 Jul 2023
Katılım Tarihi06 Jul 2023


Mu Vision official opening:
The opening on 9.7.23 at 19:00
After a lot of investment we are happy to announce that soon the server will open Mu Vision! Israel's next server community
Medium server details:
Season: 6.3 (downgraded to season 4)
Expy: 300
Points per level: 10
All the events of the game operate at regular hours!
  A caveat in every bite!
Medium stores and spots abound!
Raffles every week!
Medium and easy server in the same Lancer!
  Innovative Battle Pass!
Boss system!
A system of side missions!
And a variety of surprises and unique systems for our servers!
An innovative banking system with 8 banks!
Extremely strong anti-hack!
Strong and stable storage

Our servers have a professional and mature team with high human relations
Soon more game servers Fivem, CS and more!
So what are you waiting for, enter now and join the largest server community in Israel!

The Discord server of the community:

Website address :

Forum address:

  Waiting to see you Mu Vision community: