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Sürüm Season 6.17
Son Güncelleme13 Dec 2022
Katılım Tarihi13 Dec 2022


Mu Godz Speed Server !

Your best chance now is to make the most of the event and acquire valuable rewards.

We will provide isolated servers for new players with high drop rates, experience, rewards, events and much more.

Opening: 17/12/2022
12:00 (São Paulo - (UTC-03)
10:00 (Nova Iorque - (UTC-05)

Reward for the first 10 Players to reach 901 Resets and 350 ML
Experience: 3000x ~ 600x
Experience Master Level: 100x ~ 30x
Maximum Resets: 901
Maximum Master LvL: 350
Drop: 30% ~ 45%
Rank Reward

Chaos Machine
20% buff for item upgrade and wing creation lv 3
15% buff to lv4 wings creation.

Upgrade items +10 ~ +15
50% free
60% VIP Classic
70% VIP Godz  

Wings Level 3
50% free
60% VIP Classic
70% VIP Godz

Wings Level 4
30% free
40% VIP Classic
50% VIP Godz

At the end of the Speed Server, the following will be migrated to the main server:
Accounts, Chests, Items, Characters, Resets, Master Level and Coins (GCoin, GPoints and MGodz).
Note: Guilds created on the Speed Server will have to be recreated on the main server.