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Web Sayfası finalmu.fun
Discord Discord
Sürüm Season 17
Tür 1000x x500 x100 x25
Son Güncelleme06 Oct 2022
Katılım Tarihi28 Jan 2020


Version: Season 17 Episode Final

Rate: x25

Drop: 30

Game Model: RPG Without resets

Maximum level 1000

Maximum master level 400 x1

The master level is pumped immediately after 3 profs from level 400

The maximum talent level is 320 x1

Talents are pumped right after level200

Elf buffer[Helper] up to 440 lvl

Party of 10 people,Guild 25 people

Guild Creation: Level 330 and 50,000,000 zen

Joining a guild from level 300

Purchase in Ruud Shop from level 600

Creating a Drill [mine] from level 400

10 Build Points are issued at 300,400,500,600,700,800,900 levels

Max stats: Total 15,000 points and 5000 max for each stat

Stats can also be obtained from quests

Added a new stat to the game [Final Point] increase HP SD Defence by 1 for every 40 stats, issued as a reward for special quests

No Rebirth x25 Int RPG - a brand new and unique server

This is a server thatfocuses its attention on the highlights of the game.

Unhurried development in terms of equip will not let you get bored quickly on this server.

A lot of unique innovations, unique models of weapons and armor, special quest system, dungeons, boss raids, new locations and quests, events, bosses and much more are waiting for you here.

Why Us

We are a standard-setting server and an example to other servers

Responsive administration, we listen to the opinions of the players.

An experienced team of developers, we have implemented ideas that have no analogues

At the moment, one of the most unique and interesting servers.

Everything is done by our own hands, we are the authors of the assembly.

Unlimited possibilities in development, additions and updates.

High stability, protection against , ddos and cheats.

The game client iscompletely in FULL HD

We are 8 years old