Web Sayfası
Sürüm Season 2
Tür 150x dynamic Balanced
Konum Latvia
Son Güncelleme13 Apr 2024
Katılım Tarihi06 Aug 2018


Welcome to, Season 2 with the best from the newest seasons!
Constantly improving server for a better gameplay.

You can start playing at any time and become the strongest!

* Exp: 150x (dynamic) | Drop: 60x
* No Full Stats or Full Option Items
* Professional team with 15+ years experience and programming knowledge!
* Friendly community from different countries.
* Administration speaks English, Latvian and Russian. Players know even more languages.
* Balanced donations system by char market, money exchange etc. No generated items, zen or chars for donations from the server, only from other players. For donations you could get boosts and VIP and you can easily compete without donations.

If you want classic Mu Online with increased exp then mumat is the best option!