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Durum Unknown
Son PingMonitoring disabled
Sürüm 1.20.x 1.20.1 1.19.x 1.8.8 1.8.9
Tür Survival Economy Bed Wars Land Claim Dungeons PVP PvE Skyblock Pixelmon Towny
Konum India
Son Güncelleme02 Oct 2023
Katılım Tarihi21 Aug 2023


XRGBCRAFTᵀᴹ is a unique play-to-win Minecraft Survival server that rewards players for their skills and hard work, not how much they're willing to spend. It has a dedicated team to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment and features PvP, events, cosmetics, an economy system, and more. The server also offers regular updates and uses community feedback to provide a more engaging gameplay experience. Begin your adventure on this SMP server today by joining XRGBCRAFTᵀᴹ right now!